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From Monday 10 June to Friday 14 June I had the opportunity to see what working at Christian Aid was like. Firstly, it being in the centre of London means it provides an exciting opportunity to visit the city. On the very first day when I arrived, I knew it would be a fun week. That Monday I had a tour of the building, learning that Christian Aid hosts other charities and organisations within its London office. Then, I was introduced to the London team and learnt about their roles and contributions, which I found very interesting.

Each day was a new experience-- on Tuesday I got a taster session of what reception was like, which I really enjoyed with the lovely receptionist. Furthermore, as I arrived here after Christian Aid Week, I got to participate in preparing and being at the annual Thank You Tea. It was a memorable experience since I have never done anything like that before and it was great to engage with so many people that are affiliated with Christian Aid.

As the week progressed I met a plethora of people here and learnt more about different job roles including Legacies Teams, Church Engagement Project Officers, Regional Coordinators and Office Coordinators and their significance. I found it eye-opening how much can be donated through these roles and the part they play in the charity.

On Friday, I learnt about church feedback from the Thank You Tea and found it stimulating to learn about the working relationship between individual denominations and Christian Aid. I also found out about how receptive churches are about the important work that Christian Aid does, including their campaigns such as cancelling Sierra Leone's debt.

I would also like to thank the office coordinator, Ursula, for making me feel very welcome, showing me how Christian Aid functions and giving me interesting tasks to try. It was the perfect mix of work and fun.

- Millie H

If you're interested in doing work experience or volunteering with Christian Aid, please contact Ursula at