Women trading produce in a market in Jinka, South Omo

The trading game

This game helps to show how trade affects the prosperity of a country - both positively and negatively

Age: 13+ / Youth group (11-18)

Current world trading systems are helping to maintain the gap between rich and poor nations.

These are systems that help strong well organised nations such as the USA and the EU states, rather than poorer countries.

This game is a fun and exciting introduction to the issues of trade, providing a simple outline of some very complex relationships. It is a valuable introduction to the basic issues that determine how the gap between rich and poor nations is maintained.

Download our resources

All you need to play the game are the resources listed below.

An introduction to the trading game covering how to play, who can play and the aims of the game.

Instructions and guidance for teachers and leaders running the trading game.

Students will need to carefully cut out the shapes on this sheet to use as part of the trading game.

This sheet contains new trading situations which can be applied to the trading game to mix things up and add additional challenges.

Guidelines for encouraging follow-up discussion after playing the trading game.