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Children cross river at low tide, Tabugon, Phlippines

Lent and Easter schools resources

Explore themes of climate change and climate injustice with your pupils.
Inspire your pupils to rise up for climate justice

Our Lent and Easter school resources give you the tools you need to show your pupils what it means to rise up against climate change.

They'll learn about how climate change affects people's lives across the world, and how inequality affects young people and children, in the Philippines and globally.

Your pupils will also get to know the stories of inspiring young people who are rising up for climate justice.

What your pupils will explore in our schools resources

It's tough in this part of the Philippines for parents to send their children to school.

People with more reliable incomes, like Lope, can afford to educate their children and break the cycle of poverty, but this is out of reach for many.

Communities here rely on fishing for their income, but climate change is making that dangerous and difficult.

Subjects covered in the schools resource pack:

  • how can people who aren't able to fish make a sustainable income, and afford to support their families?
  • why is solar lighting so important, and why is it better than using fossil fuels?
  • how can they (the pupils) can be more aware of climate change and inequality around the world?
  • what can they can do each day to make their lives more environmentally friendly?
  • how can they can rise up? What small campaign actions can they take that add up to larger positive change?
Download our Lent and Easter school resources
Our children's edition of the Count Your Blessings calendar. Every day they can plan, pray and act to make a change for the better.
A presentation to get your pupils thinking about how they can rise up and become young climate change activists.
Use this assembly pack as a one-off, or as a series of assemblies, together with the assembly PowerPoint presentation.