Agar reading by solar lamp light

Harvest school resources

Use our Harvest toolkit to plan and celebrate Harvest in your school.

Our Harvest school resources will be published in the coming weeks - please check back.

Our Harvest resources introduce pupils to Aster’s daughter Agar, 11, who lives in Ethiopia. 

Agar (above left) used to rely on firewood and kerosene lamps to do her homework in the evenings. But the dirty fuels filled her house with smoke, which hurt her eyes, so she gave up studying and dropped out of school.

Our partner helped Agar's family gain access to a solar lamp so she can now study safely.

By listening to Agar’s story, pupils can learn that wherever we live, we are all global neighbours. We can stand together to transform our world.

Harvest toolkit

This includes a slideshow, assembly material, collective worship ideas, and a plan for a cross-curricular Harvest themed day.

Agar and family laughing together inside their home

Agar and her family no longer have to rely on dirty fuels to light their home.

Now we can do our homework at any time and there is no problem with our eyes. I want to be a maths teacher