A group of primary school children with their hands up in class

Want to empower the next generation of agents of change?

Welcome to Global Neighbours - our exciting school accreditation scheme.

In partnership with the Church of England’s Education Office, we want to encourage a deeper understanding of global injustice and the Christian response to it in primary school pupils across England.

Costs of joining Global Neighbours

Registration is free, as are most resources. There is only a charge when a school applies for an award, to cover the basic costs of an assessor’s time and travel, and of running the scheme.

Current costs are:

Size of school (number of pupils) Bronze Silver/Gold
Very small (less than 100) £60 £250
Small (between 100 and 210) £80 £325
Large (more than 210) £100 £400

Questions about Global Neighbours?


Is this only for primary schools?

At this stage, yes.

Is the scheme only for primary schools in England?

We are currently only able to receive applications for accreditation from schools in England. Schools outside of England can still access all our school resources.

The accreditation process

When will we be able to gain accreditation?

Schools can apply at any time. The first assessor visits to schools will take place from April 2018 with awards made shortly after.

How do we apply for accreditation?

You will receive full details upon registration - which is free and comes with no obligation.

How do I find out more information?

The Global Neighbours handbook should answer any further questions you may have.

Support, resources, and partnerships

We have already done a lot of work to support global citizenship across the curriculum, with the support of other programmes and organisations. Will this count towards accreditation?

Yes, in so far that it helps demonstrate your school’s fulfilment of the accreditation criteria and is work that is currently being implemented in your school.

Can our school continue to gain resources from Christian Aid even if we choose not to go for accreditation?

Yes. Our teaching and learning resources are freely available via our website, and our volunteer Christian Aid Teachers will still provide support subject to availability.