A group of primary school children with their hands up in class

Want to empower the next generation of agents of change?

We are launching an exciting new school accreditation scheme in January 2018, together with the Church of England’s Education Office, to encourage a deeper understanding of global injustice and the Christian response to it in primary school pupils across England.

Register in advance

We will be in touch as soon as the scheme goes live with all the information you need to get started. Registration is free and entails no commitment from your school to apply for accreditation. You can make decisions on whether and how quickly to proceed once you have all the information in January.

Let’s join together to show our young people the power they have to transform this world!

Please note, to begin with this scheme will only be open to primary schools in England.

About Global Neighbours

The accreditation scheme, Global Neighbours, will be verified by the Church of England Education Office and will consist of three levels - bronze, silver and gold.

To achieve accreditation, schools will demonstrate how they are fulfilling criteria relating to:

  • learning
  • spirituality and worship
  • pupil participation in active global citizenship
  • community engagement
  • school leadership

How will schools benefit from the scheme?

As well as the recognition attached to gaining accreditation status, the scheme will also help schools fulfil the Church of England’s vision of education that is deeply Christian and serving the common good.

In addition, by helping children claim their voice as global citizens, participation in the scheme will help church schools develop and showcase their work in helping their pupils to become courageous advocates.

The story so far...
Pilot schools across England partnered with us to trial the scheme during the school year 2016-17 and their feedback has been vital in helping us finalise details before the launch.
Pictures of people in Malawi stuck on a classroom wall with the wording 'will this photo change how you feel next time you turn on a tap?'
A hand-drawn picture of four people with the wording 'which is the refugee?'
A photo of a primary school pupil carrying a bowl of water on her head

Headteacher Brenda Christison, of Naburn CofE Primary School, near York, said:

‘Our Christian values are at the heart of all we do at Naburn and part of that is teaching pupils that each and everyone has a part to play as a responsible member of not only our learning environment but in our local community and wider society.

‘Most of our children are white British and the scheme gave us an important opportunity to learn more about other cultures and contexts.'

We recently had a SIAMS inspection and were judged ‘outstanding’. I am sure that taking part in the scheme helped in that and indeed it was actually mentioned in the report as part of our global learning work and distinctive Christian character.
Brenda Christison, Headteacher of Naburn CofE Primary School

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