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This is a summary of information relating to the recruitment of new employees in the UK and Ireland.

Dear God of all, nations and peoples come and go amidst the eternity of your good purposes...

The study aims to understand and document how religious and traditional leaders and institutions are influencing and reinforcing both positive and

A study from the Collective Action for Adolescent Girls Initiative (CAAGI) two-year pilot project funded by Christian Aid in Nigeria.

Published: 1 January 2017

Adolescent Girls (AGs) in Northern Nigeria have very limited choices and opportunities to reach their full potential.

Published: 1 May 2018

An editable version of a religious education teaching unit for ages 9 to 11 - Word document.

A teaching unit for ages 9 to 11, designed to enable pupils to learn how religious aid agencies are changing the world for the better.

A Welsh language teaching unit for ages 9 to 11, designed to enable pupils to learn how religious aid agencies are changing the world for the better.

This toolkit is to enable Christian Aid programme and partner staff to design and plan better decentralised renewable energy projects.

Published: 1 May 2011

A guide on the steps necessary to conduct process tracing, with a brief section on how and where to combine this with realist evaluation.

Since 2007, Rice Watch Action Network has been helping small-scale farmers adapt to a changing environment through the Climate Resiliency Field Sch

Published: 1 June 2017

The following nine case studies illustrate how we interpret resilience – putting communities and individuals at the centre of their own development.

Published: 1 March 2016

Our Resilience Framework sets out how we work with partners to support communities to identify the risks they face, access resources and effectivel

Published: 1 May 2016

If you've contacted a bank through our Big Shift campaign, see our pointers on how to respond to them next.

Identifies key paragraphs in Addis Ababa Accord Zero Draft, noting main positive aspects and recommending ways to improve existing draft language.

Published: 1 April 2015

Mining agreement between Sierra Leone and UK-based company contains provisions undermining legislation to ensure country benefits from mineral wealth.

Published: 1 March 2012

Published: 1 January 2017

Published: 1 January 2017