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Week 6: Lent reflections – Sunday 25 March

Girl in foreground with women building home in background

Something to read: Mark 11:1-11

Something to consider

Jesus knew that the colt was important to those he was borrowing it from, giving instruction that ‘it would be returned immediately’. He didn’t want them to fear they were losing their valuable possession. But he needed this colt, this unridden and without-a-backstory colt.

Fulfilling the words of Zechariah 9:9, Jesus’ arrival was prophetic and subversive. To arrive on colt-back was the antithesis of how rulers arrived into Jerusalem. They arrived on war horses that had been victorious in battle. Jesus wanted his arrival to come with an entirely different message of sovereignty.

A message of peace, that the way of authority does not need to be the way of violence.

With wars and rumours of wars being the daily diet of the media, it is a message our world needs now as much, if not more, than ever. Jesus leads us to imagine another way. 

Time to reflect

Take a moment to reflect back over these weeks of Lent that we have journeyed together. Consider the stories of Bob, David and Philip from Kenya.

Imagine another way for all those experiencing the devastating effects of prolonged drought due to a changing climate. Families reunited and returned home because the rains have come and are reliable for growing crops and watering livestock. 

And with that imagination, what creative and imaginative way might you speak truth to power, in the subversive way of Jesus? Christian Aid continues to encourage banks investing our money in fossil fuels to imagine another way as part of the Big Shift campaign

And recall to mind again the stories of Aisha and Abuya who had to flee the violence wraught by Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria. Aisha could not leave until she absolutely had to, and Abuya left before most other people.

Imagine another way for all those having to flee their homes because of violence. Where even though uprooted they are supported and provided for, not overlooked, by the international community.

Starting this Lent and Easter, Christian Aid is seeking another way for the 40 million people around the world who are uprooted from their homes due to violence, climate change and other disasters, yet are overlooked by the international community.

Overlooked because they have not crossed borders so are denied the official protection afforded to refugees. 

As we journey into Jerusalem and through Holy Week, with the one we choose to follow, we recognise that to follow another way is not without cost. Yet we know it is the way that leads to fullness of life for all and is the source of our hope that things can be different. 

Something to do

Give to our Lent and Easter appeal.

Something to pray:
Prince of Peace,
grant us a glimpse
of how things can be and
grant us the courage
to follow you
by another way.

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