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Christian Aid partnered with Trade4Life to help fund maternal and child healthcare in the developing world.

For every sale of a KangaWrap product, £5 was donated to help support Christian Aid projects in El Salvador and Honduras.  

What is a KangaWrap?

A KangaWrap is a fair-trade baby wrap developed by midwives at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells hospital following their award-winning research into Kangaroo Care (skin-to-skin contact). Made of stretchable, organic cotton, the KangaWrap provides optimum support for mother and baby, from newborns to babies up to 15Kg. Read more about the KangaWrap story

Trade4Life was set up to specify, source, promote and sell the KangaWrap to hospitals, users, retailers and sling libraries. Staffed by volunteers, the maximum amount of profit goes towards helping mums and babies around the world via and Christian Aid.

Helping keep women and girls healthy

Trade4Life donated £5000 to our project in Kenya, helping 19% more women access skilled, safe delivery services.

Trade4Life also be donated £5000 to support women and girls in El Salvador and Honduras access reproductive and sexual health services.

Mother and baby with friend in Kenya
Contact us

If you would like to partner with Christian Aid please email or call 020 789 8934.

Published on 19 June 2021

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