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Simmons & Simmons

Private Sector partnerships are key to delivering a world without poverty.

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Simmons & Simmons

Utilising their skills to positively impact the world

We have found Simmons & Simmons to be approachable and sensitive to the context that our partners are working in, with the added value of the pre-existing understanding of issues in challenging contexts. Such issues can be complex… yet Simmons and Simmons has never taken a "black and white" view. They understand and are empathetic to the "grey" areas necessary for successful legal advocacy.

- Christian Aid Country Manager in Colombia.

Standing up for the marginalised

In 2011, families in Las Pavas, Colombia, won the legal right to return to their land after being forced off their land at gunpoint. The victory allowed the 123 families to return to farming, thanks in part, to legal support provided by Simmons & Simmons.

Our partnership with Simmons and Simmons has continued since 2011, together advocating for communities around the world. 

The reputable UK law firm are committed to working with Christian Aid and our partners and help us to secure successful outcomes for communities around the globe. The advice and credibility Simmons & Simmons brought to cases are critical to the progress of our work.

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Published on 13 July 2020

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  • Voice and governance
  • Land rights
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  • Colombia