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We're working with Gilead Science to promote the SAVE approach to tackle HIV in Nigeria.

Christian Aid and Gilead Sciences worked together to reduce HIV-related stigma and discrimination.

In Nigeria, we promoted the adoption and implementation of the SAVE approach to tackle HIV and AIDS.

Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa with an estimated population of 170 million people. It has the world’s second highest number of new HIV infections reported each year, and an estimated 3.7% of the population is living with HIV2.

According to government reports, every year more than 300,000 Nigerians die from complications arising from AIDS. National life expectancy is low at 52 years, but this figure has been rising since access to antiretroviral therapy became available in the mid-2000s. 

Through our partnership with Gilead, we worked to:

  • achieve an increased uptake of HIV testing and counselling and antiretroviral therapy
  • encourage more people living with HIV to be open about their status and act as advocates for testing and access to treatment in their communities

If you would like to partner with Christian Aid please email or call 020 789 8934.

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Published on 26 June 2021

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