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Women collecting water, Ethiopia

By choosing AquAid as your water cooler company, you’re helping people living in poverty all over the world to access clean water and build healthy lives. AquAid have supported Christian Aid for more than 15 years, donating £3.5 million to water projects around the world.

Thanks to the support of AquAid customers, together we are supporting two projects in Malawi and Ethiopia over the next three years, helping 14,000 people to get access to the clean water they need to stay healthy and build better lives for themselves.

In Ethiopia, AquAid is supporting Christian Aid to provide water points for communities in South Omo so that women and girls do not have to walk miles each day in search of water. We have also ensured pastoralist communities have access to water for their livestock by helping to build the Kizo pond.

Kizo pond in South Omo provides drinking water to more than 1.5 million animals, which helps 28 communities in two districts. The 2.7 million litres, man-made pond means that herdsmen from these communities – which sometimes include children as young as eight years old – no longer need to leave their homes for weeks on end to find water for themselves and their livestock.

The effects of climate change in Malawi

In Malawi AquAid is supporting small-scale farmers in the Salima District who currently face severe water issues. Despite being a lakeshore district, there is a shortage of portable water in Salima and a high prevalence of water borne diseases. Farmers struggle to feed their children and pay for basics such as soap and school uniforms.

Using donations from AquAid, Christian Aid is supporting farmers in Salima to become more resilient to the impacts of climate change by:

  • increasing water supply for irrigation and household use
  • implementing conservation agriculture technologies
  • diversifying crops to include those that grow in more moist conditions
  • improving crop production using irrigation schemes powered by solar energy.
Drink water and raise money for Christian Aid

Recommend or purchase AquAid water coolers for your local church, school or place of work and AquAid will donate £50 for each new cooler ordered.

For every 19-litre bottle of AquAid water sold, we will also receive 10p for our water-related projects around the world.

So if your company, church or school wants to become an AquAid customer, call 01223 508 109 or visit


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If you would like to partner with Christian Aid please email or call 020 789 8934.

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