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Pigeon pea farmer - CA

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Malonda: Turning peas into profit

By choosing AquAid as your water cooler provider, you are helping people living in poverty all over the world to access clean water and build healthy lives.

AquAid have supported Christian Aid for more than 15 years, donating over £3.5 million to water and capacity building projects around the world.

Thanks to the support of AquAid customers, together we are funding projects in Malawi over the next two years, helping over 3300 pigeon pea farming households by reducing income poverty.

Malonda: Wealth Creation for Pigeon Peas Smallholder Farmers in Malawi

Pigeon pea production in Malawi is dominated by smallholder farmers. They typically have limited access to market information, lack access to improved varieties and are subject to exploitative market conditions controlled by unscrupulous middlemen. As such the local pigeon pea market is highly fragmented and disorganised.

Despite the availability of ready export markets in India, and domestic market growth opportunities farmers, miss these opportunities. Farmers also typically have no access to affordable finance and lack basic business skills, including financial management.

AquAid’s philanthropic investment enables Christian Aid to support over 3000 farming families to become more resilient and secure sustainable income for their families and communities by:

Helping farmers to increase their income from pigeon peas sustainably through:

  • Value addition by processing peas to produce dhal and animal feed
  • Improved access to markets, with collective bargaining power
  • Improved access to storage for sale when prices are optimal

Providing farmers with business skills and affordable access to finance through:

  • Business skills training, including financial management
  • Establishing village savings and loans associations
  • Start-up loans for small businesses to diversify income

Drink water and raise money for Christian Aid

Recommend or purchase AquAid water coolers for your local church, school or place of work and AquAid will donate £50 for each new cooler ordered.

For every 19-litre bottle of AquAid water sold, Christian Aid will also receive 10p.

If your company, church or school wants to become an AquAid customer,

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Published on 20 June 2021

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