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Prayer for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

A prayer for 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.

God, we cry to you for justice for women and girls.

Help us to dig out the roots of gender-based violence and discrimination.

Inspire us to break down the structures that silence and disempower women.

Make us united in condemning abuse, in all its forms.


God, we cry to you for refuge for the survivors of violence.

May those in power recognise their responsibilities to support survivors.

Show us how to amplify the voices of women and girls speaking up for change.

Give us the courage to act against inequality.


God, we cry to you for change, for transformation.

Send us the strength to persist in activism when we face barriers.

Fill us with determination as we seek to renew our world.

May we see a day when every girl will be free to flourish and know life in all its fullness.