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Prayer for Afghanistan - English

Share this prayer for Afghanistan with your church.

Prayer for Afghanistan

Come, Jesus…


Come, our Saviour,

come to all the people in Afghanistan,

in this bleakest of winters.

Come, with food and water,

to feed the hungry and refresh the thirsty ones.


Come, once a child yourself,

come to the children and the babies,

when so many cry with hunger pangs

and parents would give everything to feed them.


Come, the peace bearer,

come and bring your shalom to this land

after forty years of brutal war.

Come to those displaced and uprooted,

to a people fearful and vulnerable to violence.


Come, the light in our night,

come to families cold and shivering,

when infection passes from one to another,

while the economy is broken,

and creation groans in pain.


For all people, of all faiths,

to all children of every family,

in all the places where mothers weep and children cry,

come, God made vulnerable flesh,

to touch your world with true hope once more.


Turn our sorrow at the suffering of children,

and our determination that hate will not win,

into something we can do.

Take the money we give and the prayers we pray,

and stir in us, and in all your people,

whatever is needed for a new world to come.


From the depths of a bitter winter,

may hope spring.


Written by Revd Dr Susan Durber Moderator, Faith and Order Commission, WCC