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Words of wholeness and truth.

Something to read

Hear, my child, and accept my words, that the years of your life may be many.

- Proverbs 4:10, from full reading Proverbs 4: 10-27.

Something to think about

The book of Proverbs is full of wisdom for life. In Christ, we receive not only the words of God which flow from his mouth, but we receive the Word which is Jesus Christ himself: the Word made flesh.

We know what God is like by what we see and hear in Jesus. As children receive instruction from their parents, so we receive instruction from God. All of us, as equals, are God’s children - part of God’s family. It takes humility to receive instruction, and even more humility to receive that instruction as truth. It is in God’s word that we find wholeness, truth, and light for life and for love.

Something to do

The word of God is the bread of life, and many are hungry for God’s word. Christian Aid’s Just Scripture project seeks to connect communities around the world to read and discuss God’s word together.

Something to pray

For those who are hungry, grant bread; and for those who are full, grant a hunger for justice. Amen.

Today’s contributor is the Rev Jarel Robinson-Brown, a Methodist minister serving in the London District, Lesnes Abbey Circuit at the time of writing.