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Sketchy maps

Going where the maps are sketchy and the ways strange.

Something to read

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.

- Jeremiah 1:5 .

Something to think about

To modern ears, this may sound like an exciting prospect – promotion to influence on a global scale. But it is, in fact, a call to go far from one’s comfort zone. Jeremiah’s commission was extended well beyond that of previous prophets who had been sent to the tribes of Israel. Now the Gentile nations were also to be prophetic territory.

Most of us rely on our culture and its received assumptions more than we may realise. To go where the maps are sketchy and the ways strange presents challenge of a different order and tests the faith and courage of those who answer the call. Jesus, the rabbi who taught his followers that he had come to fulfil the law and the prophets, does not spare us that ancient call to conscience.

Of course, we are not all in a position to join Christian Aid physically in other countries as we consider how to respond to Jesus’ command to care for all who are in need. But we can, and should, support them in prayer and giving as they bear prophetic witness to divine love.

Something to do

Do one thing today which makes you feel insecure.

Something to pray

In the name of that love which casts out fear, may we learn to rise to the challenge of the unfamiliar, to live adventurously in faith.

Today’s contributor is Jill Segger. Quaker, writer, journalist and associate director of the thinktank Ekklesia, at the time of writing.