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Unfamiliar voices

Unfamiliar voices

Something to read

Hannah prayed and said, ‘My heart exults in the Lord; my strength is exalted in my God.’

- 1 Samuel 2:1.

Something to think about

People sometimes tell me I don’t look much like a priest. What I suppose they mean is that I’m not a white man in my seventies. But of course, God calls people into ministry from all kinds of ages, nationalities, genders, and backgrounds. Over the next three days we’ll take time to listen to the words of Hannah, who might be thought of as an unlikely theologian.

Hannah was a person forced to the margins of her community: a childless woman would have been disparaged and undervalued. When Hannah sought God, her prayers came from a place of vulnerability and pain, determination and hope. Her subsequent experience of the action of God in her life opened up important insights into the character of God that those whose theology comes from a more privileged starting point might miss.

It is worth checking out our own sources of theology – the books on our shelves, preachers we turn to, podcasts we listen to – to see how well they reflect the diversity of God’s people. Christian Aid seeks to listen closely to and amplify the voices of those who might not otherwise be heard, including and especially global theological voices.

Something to do

Read this blog from Davina Bacon,  who took part in a Just Scripture event, reading the Bible with others from a different geographical and cultural location. Reflect on how you and your church might engage with theology from outside of your own culture and country.

Something to pray

God of the edges, thank you that you choose to speak to and through people of all backgrounds, but especially those who have experienced life on the margins. Give me ears to hear from unfamiliar voices, and to grow in my knowledge and love of you through their faithful and courageous witness. Amen. 

Today’s contributor is Rev Claire Jones