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Something to read

In the last days it will be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.

- Acts 2:17.

Something to think about

What do you dream of? What is the vision that guides you?

In Acts the Holy Spirit comes like a 'rush of wind' and 'tongues of fire'. The drama of Pentecost causes a certain amount of confusion, yet the Holy Spirit comes not to confuse or divide, but to unite. Everyone is able to speak and hear one another 'in the native language of each'. Understanding across divisions becomes possible.

Some commentators note that what the Holy Spirit does not do is replace everyone's language with a single common language. That might be a rational way to solve the problems of mistranslation and to cross language barriers but what would be lost would be the particularity of each speaker. In other words, unity does not have to mean sameness in the Pentecost vision. There can be unity in diversity, difference without division.

Peter responds to those sceptical of this miracle not with an explanation but with the poetic prophesy of Joel. Peter - caught up the 'rush of wind' - follows the Spirit's movements and tries to expand the horizons of all those listening still further. Dream big! Envision the impossible! For God is the author of dreams and visions and prophecies.

Are our dreams today big enough? Do we believe in the possibility that the whole world can come together? Can we envision ways of uniting with one another that celebrate our differences and value each person for who they are?

Something to do

Write down on a postcard a dream or vision that you would like to see come true in our world. Perhaps you dream of justice being done in a particular context or you have a vision for a movement or change in your community. Ask a friend to post your postcard to you at some future date or put it away in a drawer to come back to in a month or a year.

When you come back to it, ask yourself what you have done, by God's grace, to help that vision come alive.

Something to pray

Holy Spirit, fill me with me with energy and purpose.

Move me to dream.

Shape my vision that I may act according to God's will.


Today's contribution is from Dr Frances Clemson, Faith Communications and Just Scripture Specialist at Christian Aid.