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Crazy Climate facts activity sheet

Age: 7-11

A range of classroom activities based around these Crazy Climate facts.

Pupils can:

  • Put the facts into groups under headings like: reduce, recycle, reuse, save water, save energy, reduce CO2. You can also think of your own headings or sort them into problems and actions.
  • Choose a fact. Work in pairs or small groups to think of ways to tell the rest of your school about the fact you have chosen. What do you think is the best way to do this? You could perform a play or assembly, or make a poster, a PowerPoint presentation or even a film.
  • Make a tally chart to record your activities over a week that emit CO2, eg car journeys, hours watching TV, how long you charge your mobile phone for, etc. Plot your results on a graph to show your carbon footprint.
  • Design and carry out a survey of your classmates to find out how eco-friendly they are.