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Christian Aid and Gaia Energy have come together to develop the ARK Tariff (Additional Renewable Kilowatt tariff) helping the world’s poorest communities access clean, reliable energy.

Women discuss benefits of a energy project in Bene Tsemay

Customers using this ethical energy tariff have helped fund a community Solar Powered Horticulture Cold Chain Facility in the Makueni County of Kenya.

The benefits of this are:

  • it provides farmers with a small-scale, low-cost and sustainable energy source
  • it helps to increase income and food security
  • it gives access to reliable lighting
  • it reduces the use of kerosene lamps which have extensive health and environmental drawbacks.

Christian Aid believe that the provision of energy for productive use in the rural parts of Kenya will be key in fighting poverty and creating much-needed employment.

How does it work?

By choosing Gaia Energy’s ARK Tariff, your church can support Christian Aid’s renewable energy projects.

For an additional charge of £20 (including VAT) per year, per contract (either gas or electricity or both) you can help give the world’s poorest communities access to reliable, clean energy. This applies to contracts starting from January 1st 2016.

This will replace the p/kWh increase of 0.4p for electricity and 0.08p for gas contracts with a start date earlier than 1 January 2016.

How your church can get involved

For more information about the ARK tariff, please call 01179 506 502, email or visit

Contact us

If you would like to partner with Christian Aid please email or call 020 789 8934.

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