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Tipping Point report

How the Covid-19 pandemic threatens to push the world's poorest to the brink of survival.

This new report – published during Christian Aid Week 2020 – warns that without immediate and decisive action, Covid-19 could trigger a grave disaster for people in the poorest countries and communities, who are ill-equipped to cope with the ruinous effects of the pandemic.

These are people already battling endemic poverty, protracted humanitarian crises, long-running conflict, severe food insecurity, economic shocks, displacement and underfunded health systems.

Speaking in the foreword, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown says:

Today we face a global medical emergency, and we cannot end the coronavirus pandemic unless it is eradicated in every continent… This report examines the situations and the solutions for vulnerable adults and children in a range of countries, where the need for imaginative cross-border solutions could not be more stark.

This report highlights a trio of potential tipping points that require urgent attention, in the areas of health, the economy and humanitarian crises.

It outlines a series of immediate measures needed to address these concerns, from the lens of four contexts: Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Gaza, and the Rohingya refugee response in Bangladesh, which exemplify some of the challenges facing the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations as a result of the pandemic.