Daily devotionals: day one (Thursday 10 May)

Vilia and sons in front of house

Read Luke 4:14-21



In the early days of Jesus’ ministry, he returned to his home town and addressed the synagogue. He revealed how he fulfilled the Scriptures, Isaiah’s prophecy, and proclaimed his mission.

And he declared that it started today. Not tomorrow, or some time in the future, but today! 

Think about the words from Luke. Who are the poor, the captives, the blind and the oppressed in today’s world?

Jesus’ promise is an act of faith, but also a call to action. Jesus calls us to build God’s Kingdom. And the Kingdom doesn’t just include the people on the fringes of society – rather, they’re at the very centre.

Jesus gives us our mission.


Vilia lost her home and her mother when an earthquake hit Haiti in 2010. Bereaved, she had nowhere safe to stay with her children.

Christian Aid’s partner KORAL saw how dire her situation was and reached out, building her a new home. To build God’s Kingdom, we need to help our neighbours who desperately need us, and we must not delay.

Pray for Vilia today, and lift up all those who have no place to call home.