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Prayer for those affected by monsoon floods in Kerala

Sheltering God,

For the hundreds of thousands of people in Kerala, hear our prayer.

Points for prayer

The immediate concerns our partners have identified so far:

  • Lack of clean toilets and space for bathing
  • Debris clearance
  • Clean drinking water
  • Need for non-food items (tarpaulin, kitchen utensils, clothes)

Another major concern is the loss of livelihood sources such as farmland, labour, crops, stocked grains, seeds, fodder, livestock etc. Many families have no other livelihood options.

Please lift these concerns to God in prayer, and pray for our partners IGSSS (Indo-Global Social Service Society) and CASA (Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action) as they seek to support and help those affected on the ground.

Short prayer

Sheltering God,

For the hundreds of thousands of people in Kerala

who will try to sleep under tarpaulins tonight,

instead of under the familiar roof of their home

not knowing what the future holds

lamenting the loss of loved ones, or

all that they owned on this earth,

we pray for your deep comfort

and your generous provision

through the response of the international family of humanity.

In your mercy, hear our prayer.



Long prayer

God of all the earth,

We marvel at the rhythms and seasons of this incredible earth

but this year we also lament the intensity and volume of the monsoon rains,

taking the lives, livelihoods and homes of our sisters and brothers in Kerala.


We pray for the hundreds of thousands who were caught up in the flood waters;

for those traumatised by being trapped, we pray for healing

for those shocked by the devastation, we pray for comfort

for those who are still stuck or stranded, we pray for rescue

for those who have lost everything, we pray for provision

for those who have lost loved ones,

we pray for the peace that passes understanding and

for those waiting in relief camps, we pray for protection from disease.


We give thanks for the many agencies coming together to help,

including Christian Aid partners on the ground,

thank you for their immediate, practical response.

We pray that they would have all the supplies and resources

to provide shelter, safe drinking water and sanitation to all who have such need

and we pray for the restoration work to take place quickly and effectively.


We pray for a huge, compassionate international response,

as we witness these ‘worst in a century’ floods,

help us recognise it is in these times we need stand together

as one human family with our sisters and brothers.

In your name we pray,