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Prayer for Lebanon

God, our refuge in times of trouble

We pray for our brothers and sisters in Beirut today.

Lord, be with the emergency services as they battle to help the thousands injured.

Lord, hold those who have lost loved ones in the palm of your hand.

Lord, we pray your provision for poor and marginalised communities who face an even more uncertain future.

Lord, we pray for wisdom for leaders as they make difficult decisions. 

Lord, open our hearts - may they be full of compassion for the suffering we see.

Stir us to action.

In the tragedy of loss,

We pray your comfort.

In the chaos and injury,

We pray your calm and divine healing.

In the devastation and the heartbreak,

We pray your peace.

We pray that in the despair that lies amid the rubble of the explosion

There will be glimmers of hope and life.