Daily reading: 5 September

Vulnerability and love.

Something to read

For love is strong as death

Song of Solomon 8:6, from full reading 8:5-7

Something to think about

Have you ever really stopped to think about the power of love and what it can do?

When you look at the cross and the story of Easter, it can be tempting to see it as a story about power and strength: the power of God, the strength of Jesus to overcome evil and temptation, the determination of Christ to stand against the empire and to forgive his friends even when they betrayed him. Yet the cross and the story of Easter are, really very simply, an image of what love can do in the world.

What took Jesus to the cross - and what kept him there - wasn’t strength in earthly terms, but vulnerability and love. Jesus’ greatness is found primarily in his capacity to love, even to death. In the world in which you live, love is the only force that can overcome evil, love is the only way to peace, and love is the only way to life in all its fullness for all humanity.

Something to do

True love is action. In the world, many do not know love, particularly the imprisoned and forgotten. Find out more about Christian Aid’s work helping prisoners, such as women in prison in Afghanistan.

Something to pray

Loving God, you remind us in Christ that love is stronger than death. Help me to remain mindful of this in all that I face and all that I experience, and may I share that love with others.


Today’s contributor is the Rev Jarel Robinson-Brown, a Methodist minister serving in the London District, Lesnes Abbey Circuit.