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Daily reading: 21 May

A dream to see men and women liberated from poverty and injustice.

Something to read

Be glad and rejoice in the Lord your God

- Joel 2:23 from full reading Joel 2:18-29.

Something to think about

Today we commemorate the anniversary of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King.

King's most famous words were ‘I have a dream.’ He dreamed of a world where black men and women shared the same rights as white men and women. The Prophet Joel, over a thousand years ago, dreamt of a better world coming into being through the love of God.

When God hears the prayers of his people, when they cry to him, he answers. God promises his people and his creation a plentiful future on earth because God loves his people; he is jealous for his land and people.

Joel foresaw a day when men and women would dream. My dream is for Joel’s prophecy to become reality. My dream is to see men and women liberated from poverty and injustice and human dignity restored. King shared this dream. Will you?

Something to do

Amanda Khozi Mukwashi’s spoke at the Rediscovering Justice service and Symposium, held in commemoration of Dr Martin Luther King’s death on 4 April 2018 at Westminster Abbey. 

Read her testimony and be inspired to stand against injustice

Something to pray

God of love, justice and mercy, we pray that you will equip us and inspire us to stand against injustice and to seek restoration for all peoples living in the bondage of injustice.

Give us wisdom to seek new and sustainable ways to cultivate and treat the earth.

Inspire us to dream dreams and through your Spirit make those dreams a reality.


The reflections this week are by Cynan Llwyd, Christian Aid Head of Wales (maternity cover).

Published on 21 May 2020

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