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Daily reading: 18 May

You can help a dream come true this Christian Aid Week.

Something to read

My heart exults in the Lord; my strength is exalted in my God.

- 1 Samuel 2:1 from full reading 1 Samuel 2:1-8.

Something to think about

In Hannah’s prayer she recognises that her strength comes from God and not from herself – and she rejoices.

Tenneh also expresses her joy: ‘We’ll dance for three days when we have the new health centre.’

In Sawula village in Sierra Leone, the community struggle with a health clinic which has no electricity and only two delivery beds. Now, with your support, they hope to build a bigger, better health centre.

The health centre in Sawula village is poorly equipped
The current health clinic in Sawula village is poorly equipped, has only two delivery beds, and the roof leaks when it rains.

With local skills and materials like cement and wood provided by our partner, women and men can come together to build a life-saving health centre.

There’ll be a delivery room, a drug store, and a room for children under five years old. It’ll be fully equipped with solar power lighting too. Families will be able to come from miles around and enjoy healthier lives.

Women help to build a new health centre in their village
Women come together to build a new health centre in their village.
Something to do

For Tenneh and many mums like her, a new health centre will be like a dream come true.

With your support this Christian Aid Week, you can help this dream come true.

Give today and help many more mums and babies have fullness of life. A new health centre will improve the lives of a whole community. A weighing bag costs £5, wooden timber for construction costs £10, a cupboard for safely storing medicine costs £60.

In church tomorrow, could you share Tenneh’s story in your fellowship with others?

Something to pray

Christian Aid Week prayer

God our Mother and Father,
we praise you
for the blessings you shower upon us.
Bless the lives of our sisters and brothers
and their precious children.
In life's saddest moments,
that’s when we feel your love most, O Jesus.
Continue to dwell in our hearts, Lord.
May your love keep us strong.

Today’s daily reading is based on the Christian Aid Week devotional.

Published on 18 May 2019

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