Daily devotionals: day eleven (Sunday 20 May)

Vilia and band

Read Acts 2:43-47



Does this story of a Christian community sound familiar? Does it resemble one you are a part of? Do you think you could live as the early believers did?

Which aspects of that first Christian community do you think you would struggle with? Do you think this is how today’s Christians should live? 

What was the result of this generous, joyful, prayerful way of life? 


Each day of Thy Kingdom Come you’ve prayed for God’s Kingdom here on Earth. During Christian Aid Week we have been living out our mission to love our neighbours – every one of our fellow human beings – wildly, wholeheartedly and sacrificially. 

This week, Christian communities across the UK and around the world have reached out into their neighbourhoods with a message of love, compassion and unity with our sisters and brothers around the world. 

Spend a few minutes looking at posts with the hashtag #caweek on Twitter. Pray for everyone that has been a part of Christian Aid Week and reflect on their part in the creation of God’s Kingdom here on earth.

Thank you so much for walking with us this Christian Aid Week. Please continue to journey with us by keeping in touch. Together, we’re stronger than the storms – and stronger than poverty.