Daily devotionals: day eight (Thursday 17 May)

Marcelin and daughters

Read John 3:16-17



The word ‘adore’ captures a sense of the ultimate love we can have for each other. In the passage Jesus explains that God’s adoration for us led him to give the ultimate gift, his one and only son. Through God’s gift we might have eternal life. 

God established what true love is. This love comes with willingness to give freely and requires self-sacrifice. When have you given up comforts or made sacrifices to be with God? When have you helped others to receive God’s love?


Hurricane Matthew took everything from Marcelin. ‘I have nothing left. Only the small bed that the girls sleep on. I sleep on the floor,’ he says.

Marcelin adores his daughters, and works so hard, sacrificing so much to support them. But he worries about how vulnerable they are. He is anxious that their hunger may lead them to be exploited by predatory men in exchange for the food they desperately need.

What might your equivalent act of true love and sacrifice be?