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Prayer for Libya

A prayer for those affected by the floods in Libya.  


Lord Jesus, you’re familiar with grief, you know what it is to weep with those who are suffering.

You’re close to the brokenhearted and comfort those who mourn.

Devastating flooding has led to losses beyond measure for the people of Libya.

With so many thousands affected, help us to see beyond the numbers to real communities and families whose lives have been upturned.

We pray that you would strengthen those who are still fighting to survive, and the rescue workers trying to save them.

We pray that you would console those who fear the worst as they wait for news.

We pray that you would be with all who are traumatised and deeply grieving.

Show us, Lord, how to serve you by helping our neighbours in Libya.

When we are daunted by the scale of the disaster, inspire us with your Spirit that we may know how to make a difference.

We thank you for the work of aid agencies on the ground and for all who give what they can to help save lives and support survivors.

You’re close to the brokenhearted Lord. Be close to the people of Libya, we pray.