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Partnership for change: CAID in Afghanistan

CAID has worked in Afghanistan for more than three decades.

We work with local organisations on long-term development and humanitarian programmes in western and northern parts of the country, and have also responded to emergencies in the Central Highland, and south central and eastern parts.

Inmates at the women’s prison in Faryab Province are learning new skills through literacy and tailoring classes, supported by our partner Afghan Development Association (ADA).

Strengthening the women’s shura has brought governance close to the disadvantaged groups, and raised women’s awareness of peace-building and how they can play a constructive role in a community organisation

- Matlab Shah, member of a women’s shura in Faryab province.

Our strategy focuses on gender justice and women’s empowerment, responding to emergencies and promoting peace.

Our focus is deeply rooted in the Afghan people’s vision of what they need to be agents of their own development.

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Published on 01 May 2018

Resource language
  • Middle East
  • Afghanistan
Themes – Areas of work
  • Gender, power and inclusion
  • Humanitarian
  • Resilience and climate