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LPRR knowledge co-development paper

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Co-production is a process through which partners draw upon their own learning to feed into a collective knowledge creation process.

It fits well within international development, humanitarian and resilience-building processes, where the multi-partner nature of many current projects ensures there is a multiplicity of perspectives that can be drawn upon.

It can also be democratic – where all forms of knowledge are valued – and so create ownership; work to find a balance between theory and practice and strengthen (and build) technical capacity and process

Co-production was explicitly employed in the Linking Preparedness, Resilience and Response (LPRR) project, part of the DFID funded Disasters and Emergencies, Preparedness Programme (DEPP).

It explored how humanitarian response can be strengthened to enable (and not undermine) long term community resilience building. Christian Aid (CA) led the project with seven consortium partners – World Vision, Action Aid, Help Age International, Concern, Oxfam and Muslim Aid. The project collaborated with King's College London (KCL) who led the research function.

The purpose of this practice paper is three-fold:

  1. To explore the learning environment amongst consortium partners i.e. group learning and the tools and processes employed to facilitate this
  2. To detail the challenges and enablers of an implementing NGOs, Christian Aid and other consortium partners, co-producing knowledge with an academic institute, KCL; and
  3. To assess how the project helped to build capacity amongst relevant agencies – including in-country partners.

Published on 01 June 2018

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