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A FAIR deal for IDPs 1: Leave no one behind

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There are more than 65 million displaced people worldwide, of whom more than 43 million are classified as internally displaced persons (IDPs).

IDPs are currently overlooked in United Nations (UN) discussions. The focus of the UN global compacts on refugees and migration are on people who have crossed borders and are on the move.

In the spirit of ‘leave no one behind’, we want to highlight the plight of these people.


A FAIR deal

In this series of briefings, we're calling on all countries to ensure a FAIR deal for IDPs - one that is:

  • Funded
  • Ambitious
  • Inclusive 
  • Respectful of international law

In this briefing, we're calling for:

  • a fair deal for IDPs that is funded, ambitious, inclusive and rights-based
  • a shift from the current global focus that's primarily on refugees, towards one of recognising displacement in all its forms
  • states to take seriously their responsibilities towards protecting the rights of the displaced
Displaced woman holding small child, Nepal

Published on 01 September 2017

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