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Keeping hope alive: Colombia case study

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Without an explicit focus on peace, there can be no sustainable development. This case study about Christian Aid's work on peace in Colombia, alongside the accompanying reports, shares some of our story of taking peace seriously.

Throughout our work in providing humanitarian assistance and long-term development support, it has become clear that we cannot ignore the reality of violence.

Peace and justice matter to us as a faith-based organisation and we seek to respond to real challenges of building peace with integrity, respect, courage and hope. From Violence to Peace lays down our hopeful vision that a more peaceful reality free from poverty, violence and injustice is possible. This study shares key examples of impact and some things we’ve learnt along the way.

Download the case study above or view the full report here

Published on 25 July 2019

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Themes – Areas of work
  • Conflict and peace
  • Gender, power and inclusion
  • Humanitarian
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Colombia