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A FAIR deal for IDPs 3: Funding

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We are dedicated to GP20, the global campaign on internal displacement. GP20 is led by states with UN agencies and NGOs, and it calls for:

  • the prevention of further forcible displacement
  • strengthened protections of internally displaced people (IDPs)
  • durable solutions that support their choices


A FAIR deal

In this series of briefings, we're calling on all countries to ensure a FAIR deal for IDPs - one that is:

  • Funded
  • Ambitious
  • Inclusive 
  • Respectful of international law

In this briefing, we're calling for:

  • the funding mechanisms and targeting of aid to meet the needs of IDPs - while addressing the root causes to end protracted displacement
  • how to make the GP20 aims a reality
Man with young granddaughter, Iraq

Published on 30 June 2018

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