Disaster Risk Reduction in Christian Aid’s Rohingya Response

In May 2017, Cyclone Mora affected 355,000 in Cox’s Bazar.

In the Rohingya camps, an estimated 70% shelters and 70-80% latrines were damaged. There are no cyclone shelters within the Rohingya camps and settlements, due to land constraints and government restrictions on permanent structures.

With exceptions for the most vulnerable, there is no plan to evacuate the Rohingya camp population to cyclone shelters in the host community.

Christian Aid's strategy involves:

  • Community Risk Analysis (CRA)
  • Risk mitigation
  • Increase community resilience
  • Pre-positioning of supplies
Rohingya resident Mohammad Ilias and his family outside their wind and rain-damaged shelter in Jamtoli’s H Block. Strong winds blew off Ilias’s tarpaulin roof and cracked the flimsy bamboo lattice-work that forms the shelter’s walls.