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Christian Aid Nigeria programme strategy: 2019-2026

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An overview of the vision, mission and strategy of the Christian Aid Nigeria programme for 2019-2026. For the next seven years, we will continue Standing Together with the most marginalised and vulnerable people to ensure everyone has the opportunity to live a full life and poverty is eradicated.

Our essential purpose as an organisation is to see an end to poverty, and Christian Aid Nigeria is committed to seeing this become a reality. This new strategy will guide our activities and help us tackle the power imbalance that perpetuates poverty in Nigeria.

For 16 years, Christian Aid in Nigeria has worked to empower the poorest and most vulnerable groups... our work has brought about lasting impact in the lives of individuals and communities, giving hope to those in despair and reaching out to those hardest to reach. We have not done this alone. Our work with partners, both funded and non-funded have had incredible impact on the delivery of our programmes and we remain grateful for their dedication and passion to see a better Nigeria.

- Charles Usie, Country Director, Christian Aid Nigeria . Find out more: Christian Aid Nigeria country page

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Published on 01 October 2019

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Themes – Areas of work
  • Gender, power and inclusion
  • Health
  • Humanitarian
  • Voice and governance
  • Africa
  • Nigeria