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The Art of Networking: a study of civil society networks in Myanmar

In Myanmar, civic and political space for civil society has opened up following government reforms in 2011. The loosening of restrictions on the freedom of expression and freedom of association has been key in these reforms. Since then, the number and engagement of civil society organisations has grown. As more civil society groups and organisations became active, many developed linkages and formed networks to work together on common agendas.

This study focuses on in-depth case studies of four civil society networks – the Myanmar Alliance for Transparency and Accountability (MATA), Myanmar Legal Aid Network (MLAW), Civil Society Forum for Peace (CSFoP) and National Network for Education Reform (NNER) – to illustrate how civil society organisations have come together in networks to be able to advocate for change within a challenging environment.

The study aimed to

  • provide an understanding of how civil society networks have formed and how they are functioning
  • assess the achievements and challenges of working as a network
  • identify good practice areas on how networks organise and manage relationships.