Two children play with the contents of the World of Friends box

Recommended for ages 3+

Learn from Bernie Bear as he travels the world

As Bernie Bear travels from country to country, he’ll send quarterly updates about the places he discovers and the people he meets.

He’ll make friends with local children and learn about their way of life - from the food and languages of India to the exotic animals of Nigeria.

Get started with Bernie Bear’s box of goodies

World of Friends pack

When you join World of Friends, we’ll send the child a special welcome pack containing:

  • their very own Bernie Bear cuddly toy
  • a wall map
  • stickers
  • fun activities and games
  • a letter from Bernie himself

This will all come packaged in a cute ‘Bear Box’ perfect for storing goodies.

A fun way to support families around the world!

Bernie Bear is off on a round-the-world trip with Christian Aid - and for £5 a month, you can choose a child you know to share the fun!

Join World of Friends and they’ll receive quarterly ‘Bear Mail’ goody packs full of stories, stickers, fun activities and quizzes, while your regular gift will help bring an end to poverty. They’ll also get their very own Bernie Bear cuddly toy.

How World of Friends works...

  1. Sign up to World of Friends now from £5 a month
  2. The child will receive a fun welcome pack
  3. Every quarter, a ‘Bear Mail’ goody pack will come through the letterbox!

Questions about World of Friends?

Bernie Bear

Is Bernie Bear ethically made?

Absolutely! Our Bernie Bears are sourced in the UK and ethically manufactured in China.

Will Bernie Bear be sent directly to the child?

Yes, a welcome pack (including Bernie Bear!) will be on its way to the child within two weeks of your first direct debit payment being made.

Your gifts

How will my gift be used?

All of your gifts will be treated as charitable donations. This means they will go towards helping Christian Aid’s life-changing work, and be used wherever the need is greatest.

Are there different price options?

Yes. World of Friends starts at £5 a month to ensure your donation can be put to the best possible use, but you can give more if you wish, and help even more people as the child learns!

What if I want to give Bernie Bear to more than one child?

Great! You just need to give another gift on that child’s behalf (£5 minimum) so that they can join World of Friends, too.

Your long-term support

Can I cancel whenever I want?

Yes. You don’t have to sign up to World of Friends for a fixed time, and you're free to cancel your direct debit whenever you like.

What happens if I decide to cancel?

We’ll simply cancel your monthly gift, and the child will stop receiving goody packs from Bernie.

Signing up

How do I add multiple children?

At the moment, you’ll be prompted to return to the form at the end of the sign-up process if you’d like to sign up another child. In future, we hope to enable you to sign up more than one child at once.

Will children’s details be used for anything else?

No. We will never use those details for anything other than World of Friends correspondence.

Your delivery

Can I choose how quickly Bernie Bear is delivered?

It will take us approximately two weeks to process your direct debit form. Then, within two weeks of your first payment being made, the welcome pack (including Bernie Bear) will be on its way to the child.

Will you let me know when the pack is being delivered?

At present, we're not able to send any further updates, but we hope to be able to offer that service very soon!

Can Bernie Bear be shipped abroad?

Sadly, we can only deliver World of Friends correspondence within the UK at the moment. Maybe in the future we’ll be able to send Bernie Bear further afield!

Is there a deadline for ordering?

You can order at any time in the year. Most packs will arrive within four weeks. Please allow up to six weeks as it is possible it could take a little longer for delivery, especially at busy times of the year, such as Christmas!

Christmas delivery 2017: please order by 4:30pm on Tuesday 12 December to ensure Bernie Bear arrives in time for Christmas.

What should I do if the welcome pack doesn’t arrive?

If Bernie Bear still hasn’t arrived in six weeks, just give us a call on 0207 523 2493