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‘I was delighted to join the Gardens Do Good initiative and am very much looking forward to growing food for three generations of our family.’

Kate Tucker, Hampshire

Your welcome pack will contain:

  • a free pack of seeds for you to grow
  • two delicious seasonal recipes based on the seeds provided.

Each seasonal pack will contain:

  • inspiring updates on the people around the world you will be helping with your gifts
  • seasonal tips and advice, as well as expert answers to your gardening questions
  • photos and comments shared by fellow Gardens Do Good supporters.

You can help families like Yatandou’s

Gardens Do Good is a great way to support families around the world. Discover how different cultural groups tackle environmental issues, read about families who have been forced from their land and find out how your regular gift is helping them to build a more stable life.

Yatandou from Mali

How have seeds, tools and training transformed Yatandou’s life?

Yatandou and her family live in central Mali, at the edge of the Sahara desert. Crops often fail in the hot, arid climate there and malnutrition is common among children.

Thanks to support from people like you, we were able to help the women in Yatandou’s community to set up a well and reservoir. Their market garden can now thrive, allowing them to grow a range of crops, from potatoes to watermelons.

With this produce, the women help feed the rest of the village, and Yatandou uses the money she makes from selling excess crops to buy food and clothes for her children.


Questions about Gardens Do Good?

Signing up

How much does it cost to sign up to Gardens Do Good?

To receive your free seeds, plus a Gardens Do Good seasonal pack each quarter, you will need to give a minimum of £5 per month.

Can I sign up by phone?

If you’d rather sign up by phone, please call 020 7523 2046.

Your gifts

Are there different payment options?

If you would rather not pay monthly, you can also sign up for a minimum of £15 per quarter. To do this, please call 020 7523 2046.

Receiving your seasonal packs

I need to change my address – who do I contact?

Please either phone 020 7523 2046 or email with your name, plus your former and new address details.

Can I keep giving regularly to Christian Aid but stop receiving Gardens Do Good packs?

Please either phone 020 7523 2046 or email to let us know – we’d be happy to make that change.

Getting involved

How do I send in photos of my garden to feature in the next pack?

Just email with your name and photos, telling us a bit about yourself and your garden. We look forward to hearing from you!