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Prayer for India 1

I will say of the Lord, “You are my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust."

God of power and might we lift our brothers and sister in India to you.

We pray for your protection,

We pray for your provision,

We pray for the nations of earth to have compassion,

When people are in need, you are our refuge,

When people are scared, you are our refuge.

When people are mourning, you are our refuge

Compassionate God, draw close to those who seek your refuge today.


Prayer for India 2

Healer of all,

giver of life,

we bow our heads

lift up our hearts

and pour out

prayers as tears

for our sisters and brothers

our human family in India

enduring a Covid crisis

worse than our imagination

can comprehend.


Oxygen, good leadership,

wood for cremations

hope of this second wave ending

all too short in supply.

How do we pray

for an inadequate system

now collapsing?

How do we pray

for an underinvestment

in healthcare?

How do we pray

for the end of a virus

that spreads because

of inequality and injustice?


We pray because we believe

In your love and compassion

In your mysterious ways

In your promises of comfort

In your provision as Yahweh

In your power to intervene

In your work transforming hearts

In your incarnate solidarity

that descended even to hell

And is present even in this reality.


So we do pray

For generosity and provision from the international community

For the fair and equal distribution of a vaccine

For the fundamental right of healthcare to be realised

For the doctors and nurses at breaking point to be helped

For a deeply flawed system to be disestablished

And resurrected as a new creation of your making and blessing.


So help us all, God,


Prayer for India 3

By Raj Patta.


When words fail us

let silence be our prayer

When bereavement abounds

send your profound comfort

When fears become reality

let active hope prevail

When inequality kills

let justice be our practice

When despair overwhelms

let your peace pass understanding. 


Prayer for India 4

God, who in Jesus labours with people in their journeys of life,

For you invite all who labour to your presence to offer peace,

We at this time pray for all the essential workers, key workers and front-line workers

For all their services to the community in India during this Covid times.

May your grace support them at their work and we thank you for their efforts in keeping the communities to move forward.

We also remember people who have lost jobs because of Covid, and

We remember people who are struggling in life. May your grace and peace surround all those people and may you offer hope in crossing this phase of the pandemic. In Jesus, our brother we pray.


Prayer for India 5

By Raj Patta.


God the source of all breath,

We join with the people in India

crying for a breath of oxygen,

crying for a breath of life,

crying for a breath of love,

during this deadly second covid wave.


Breathe your fresh breath of life O God into all our creation,

Breathe your peace to all those who lost their dear ones,

Breathe your healing to all those infected by this virus,

Breathe your wisdom to all health workers offering their care,

Breathe your knowledge to all politicians to make responsible decisions,

Breathe your comfort to all those living in fear, anxiety and depression,

Breathe your love to all people, specially to the vulnerable and those on the margins,

Breathe your justice so that corporate capitalism of profit making is contested,

Breathe your compassion so that vaccines are made available to all people,

Breathe your solidarity so that we stand together in overcoming this pandemic

Breathe your Spirit on us so that we strive towards transforming our world today,

Breathe your grace on us to care, to share and to love one another beyond doubt,

Breathe on us your fresh breath of life O God…


We ask this in the name of Jesus, who shares our breath.


Prayer for India 6

By Jaiho Patta.


As risen Jesus, you O God appeared to the frightened disciples and offered the peace of God, granting them hope, courage and confidence in facing the life situations.

We draw to your presence our gracious God, and pray for the situation in India at the moment.

We specially pray for people who are reeling in fear, anxiety and distress because of COVID. You are our Good Shepherd, and grant your comfort and peace to all people in India.

May your healing be on this world, and help us to know that you are a God, who is constantly walking with us.

We specially pray for our grandfathers and grandmothers and for all their generation, who have been vulnerable, grant them your peace and healing.

We remember people whose mental health is affected, who are in trauma, who are in a panicking situation with what is happening around,

help us to recognise you in our boat to still the storm and

 let your peace, love and grace prevail in all our lives.

We ask this prayer in Jesus, our friend’s name. Amen.