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Daily pointers based on the international days and the work of our partners to help guide your prayers for justice - new points added every month.


Let us pray together for each of these countries and topics during the month of April.

1 April - Spring Appeal

Pray for Christian Aid's Spring Appeal to help families facing severe hunger.

2 April - Aid Workers

Pray for aid workers striving to help others, that they may be safe as they carry out their vital work.

3 April - Haiti

Pray for the people of Haiti and for an end to violence there.

4 April - Christian Aid Chair

Pray for the work of Christian Aid's new Chair, Bishop Sarah Mullally.

5 April - Clarkston Art Sale

Pray for the Clarkston Art Sale in Glasgow, raising funds for Christian Aid.

6 April - Big Spring Sing

Pray with thanksgiving for the enthusiasm of all the children who took part in our Big Spring Sing.

7 April - Ceasefire Now

Pray for the UK government to act to bring about a ceasefire in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

8 April - Churches taking action

Pray for churches hosting their local politicians and urging them to act on poverty.

9 April - Partners in Gaza

Pray for Christian Aid's partners in Gaza working to get aid to those in need.

10 April - Ethiopia

Pray for Christian Aid's work on gender equality with our partners in Ethiopia.

11 April - Fundraisers

Explore our A-Z of fundraising ideas and pray for those raising funds for Christian Aid.

12 April - Seeds of Change

Pray for churches who followed our Lent Course and are now taking further action to sow the seeds of change.

13 April - Christian Aid Scotland

Pray for the work of the Christian Aid Scotland team.

14 April - Burundi

Pray for the people of Burundi and learn more about our work there.

15 April - 70k in May

Pray for supporters gearing up to walk, run, cycle or swim 70k for Christian Aid in May.

16 April - Beekeepers

Pray for women like Maria who are breaking down barriers through beekeeping.

17 April - Intergenerational Activism

Pray for activists working across generations to change the world for the better.

18 April - Bangladesh

Pray for Christian Aid's work with communities affected by the climate crisis in Bangladesh.

19 April - Big Justice Story Sack

Pray for churches and schools using our Big Justice Story Sack to tell Bible stories.

20 April - In Their Lifetime

Pray for Christian Aid's In Their Lifetime programme.

21 April - London Marathon

Pray for all running for Christian Aid in the London Marathon.

22 April - Earth Day

Pray for an end to the exploitation of our planet that is fuelling the climate crisis.

23 April - Middle East Crisis

Ahead of our online webinar exploring this crisis, pray for all those affected by the violence.

24 April - World Immunization Week

This World Immunization Week pray for just and equal access to life-saving healthcare for all people.

25 April - El Salvador

Pray for Christian Aid's work with young people in El Salvador.

26 April - Church of England

Pray for the Church of England, one of Christian Aid's sponsoring churches.

27 April - Aline Nibogora

Pray for Aline Nibogora and her community in Makamba Province, Burundi.

28 April - 7 Days, So Many Ways

Pray for our 7 Days, So Many Ways campaign encouraging supporters to fundraise this Christian Aid Week.

29 April - Union of Welsh Independents

Pray for the Union of Welsh Independents, one of Christian Aid's sponsoring churches.

30 April - Worship with Christian Aid

Pray for churches planning their Christian Aid Week services.