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Daily pointers based on the international days and the work of our partners to help guide your prayers for justice - new points added every month.


Let us pray together for each of these countries and topics during the month of January.

1 January - Looking Ahead

Pray with thanksgiving for what we have achieved in 2023 as we look ahead to 2024.

2 January - Action on the Climate Crisis

Pray that the commitments made at COP28 will lead to significant action.

3 January - Christmas Fundraisers

Pray for all those who raised funds for our Christmas appeal. We are so thankful for their efforts.

4 January - Kenya

Pray for all those affected by food insecurity in Kenya.

5 January - Ceasefire in the Middle East

Join us in praying for a ceasefire in the Middle East.

6 January - Big Sing

Pray for all who have participated in a Christian Aid Big Sing over the festive season.

7 January - Presbyterian Church in Ireland

Pray for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, one of Christian Aid's sponsoring churches.

8 January - Christian Aid's Policy and Advocacy Team

Pray for Christian Aid's Policy and Advocacy Team as they work on tackling global challenges.

9 January - Above and beyond

Pray for Christian Aid supporters who go above and beyond. Find out more in our Christian Aid Magazine.

10 January - Malawi

Pray for farmers in Malawi that they may have access to fair markets.

11 January - Fischy Music

Pray for Christian Aid's partnership with Fischy Music as we seek to share hope for justice through song.

12 January - Church of Scotland

Pray for the Church of Scotland, one of Christian Aid's sponsoring churches.

13 January - Crisis Response Toolkit

Pray for schools and teachers who are using our crisis response toolkit.

14 January - Beacon of Hope

Pray for the Beacon of Hope - our art installation that you can see at St Martin in the Bullring, Birmingham.

15 January - Preparing for Lent

Pray for churches and groups preparing for Lent in a month's time.

16 January - Climate Crisis Costs

Pray for all who bear the costs of the climate crisis.

17 January - Vigil for Climate Justice

Pray for all who will be taking part in a vigil for Climate Justice in February.

18 January - Democratic Republic of Congo

Pray for Christian Aid's work on governance and peacebuilding in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

19 January - Health Workers

Pray for health workers, particularly those seeking to save lives in conflict zones.

20 January - Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Pray for the continuing impact of our Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

21 January - Christian Aid Speakers

Pray for all who volunteer their time as speakers for Christian Aid.

22 January - Gifts in Wills

Pray with thanksgiving for all who have made a difference by leaving Christian Aid a gift in their will.

23 January - Congregational Federation

Pray for the Congregational Federation, one of Christian Aid's sponsoring organisations.

24 January - International Day of Education

Pray for access to education for children and young people across the world.

25 January - Myanmar

Pray for Christian Aid's humanitarian work with partners in Myanmar.

26 January - Clean Energy

Pray for the global community to work towards ending the use of fossil fuels.

27 January - Holocaust Memorial Day

Pray with resources from the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

28 January - Dignity

Pray that all people would be treated with the dignity every human beings deserves.

29 January - Christian Aid Media Team

Pray for Christian Aid's Media and Communications Team as they work to share our campaigns and goals.

30 January - Sierra Leone

Pray for Christian Aid's work with marginalised groups in Sierra Leone.

31 January - Change Alliance

Pray for our work with Change Alliance in India.