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Daily pointers based on Christian Aid's work and that of our partners to help guide your prayers for justice. Click the button beneath each prayer prompt to find out more about an issue, country or event.

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Pray with us for each of these countries and topics during the month of July.

1 July - Methodist Conference

Pray for the Methodist Church, one of Christian Aid's Sponsoring Churches, as they meet for their annual conference.

2 July - Prioritising Peace and Justice

In the run up to the UK general election, pray that UK politicians would prioritise peace, climate justice and debt justice.

3 July - Young Political Activists

Pray that young people would be free and supported to become politically active.

4 July - Listening, Kindness, Truthfulness

On election day, pray for UK politics to be characterised by listening, kindness and truthfulness.

5 July - Breaking Bread with your MP

Pray for your new MP and use our resources to invite them to meet with your church.

6 July - El Salvador

Pray for the work of Christian Aid's partners in El Salvador, ensuring human rights are upheld.

7 July - Church of England General Synod

Pray for the Church of England, one of Christian Aid's Sponsoring Churches, as members meet for their General Synod.

8 July - Global Neighbours Cymru

Pray for our Global Neighbours Cymru project with schools in Wales.

9 July - Engaged Churches

Pray with thanksgiving for churches large and small who engage with Christian Aid's mission.

10 July - Kenya

Following recent violence, pray for communities in Kenya and for Christian Aid's work there.

11 July - Children in Conflict Zones

Pray for children growing up in conflict zones.

12 July - Faith Will

Pray for the success of our Faith Will work with churches across the UK.

13 July - Greenbelt Festival

Pray for all who are preparing for next month's Greenbelt Festival.

14 July - Loss and Damage

Pray for fair funding for countries most affected by extreme weather.

15 July - Youth Skills

Pray for young people to have access to skills training and education.

16 July - Dasenech in Ethiopia

Pray for Christian Aid Scotland's work on loss and damage in Dasenech, Ethiopia.

17 July - Salt Business Network

Pray for Christian Aid's work with businesses through our Salt Business Network.

18 July - End to Division

On Nelson Mandela Day, pray for an end to division between and within communities.

19 July - Board of Trustees

Pray for Christian Aid's trustees, that they may guide the organisation wisely.

20 July - Christian Aid Supporters

Pray for Christian Aid's supporters, that they may see the difference they make.

21 July - Inclusion

Pray for greater inclusion and equality in our world.

22 July - The Closer Panel

Pray for Christian Aid's supporter panel who help advise and guide us.

23 July - Cedeño in Honduras

Pray for communities in Cedeño in Honduras facing devastating sea level rises.

24 July - Schools and Teachers

As school holidays begin in the UK, pray for schools and teachers across the world.

25 July - United Reformed Church

Pray for the URC's Commitment for Life programme that does so much to help Christian Aid's work.

26 July - Faith into Action

Pray for our Faith into Action initiatives and join one of our monthly drop-ins online.

27 July - India

Pray for Christian Aid's work with partners to tackle social exclusion in India.

28 July - Peace in the Middle East

Continue to pray with us for peace and a lasting ceasefire in the Middle East.

29 July - Changemakers

Pray with thanksgiving for changemakers, for those who seek a more just world.

30 July - End to Human Trafficking

Pray for an end to human trafficking. Pray for all survivors of trafficking.

31 July - Trusts and Foundations

Pray for the Trusts and Foundations who support Christian Aid's vital work.
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We'll update you on our latest prayer and worship resources by email every month.