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Daily pointers based on the international days and the work of our partners to help guide your prayers for justice - new points added every month.


Let us pray together for each of these countries and topics during the month of December.

1 December - An end to gender based violence

Please pray for the elimination of violence against women.

2 December - Abolition of Slavery

Modern slavery is on the rise, please pray for its abolition.

3 December - Nigeria

Please pray for Christian Aid's ongoing work in Nigeria.

4 December - Commitment for Life

Please pray for our work with the URC for Global Justice.

5 December - Soil Health

Please pray for good land management to produce food and reduce the impact of climate change.

6 December - Climate Justice and Racial Justice

Please pray for a deeper understanding of the connection between race and climate justice at COP.

7 December - Faith in Action

Thank God for the many ways we can put our faith into action to transform the world.

8 December - People in Warzones

Please pray for a lasting and just peace in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

9 December - Day of Action for Climate Justice

On the day of action for climate justice please pray for wise and just decisions at COP28.

10 December - World Human Rights Day

Please pray for a world where all people can enjoy freedom, equality and justice.

11 December - Salt Business Network

Please pray for our work helping business leaders to be a force for good in the fight against poverty.

12 December - Kakoli's Story

Please pray for young women like Kakoli Khatun and for Christian Aid's Christmas appeal.

13 December - Zimbabwe

Please pray for our work in Zimbabwe.

14 December - Christian Aid's Leadership

Please pray for vision, wisdom and strength for our CEO and directors.

15 December - Nicaragua

Please pray for our work in Nicaragua, one of the most climate vulnerable countries in the world.

16 December - Charity Gifts

Pray for Christian Aid's Charity Gifts scheme.

17 December - Syria

Please pray for our work in Syria where there are more than 2.5 million children displaced.

18 December - International Migrants Day

Please pray for those forced to flee their homes due to conflict, insecurity and climate change.

19 December - Shine a Light in Llandaff

Please pray for our Christmas Carol Service at 6pm in Cardiff with Rev Dr Rowan Williams.

20 December - Human Solidarity

Please pray for solidarity as we celebrate our diversity and work together to end poverty.

21 December - Christian Aid's Schools Work

As the school holidays begin, please pray for the work of our schools' team.

22 December - Morsheda's Story

Please pray for young women like Morsheda and for Christian Aid's Christmas appeal.

23 December - Dignity, Equality, Justice, Love

Pray for Dignity, Equality, Justice and Love for all.

24 December - Peace in the Middle East

Please pray for our Middle East Crisis appeal.

25 December - Sharing of Christmas Joy

Give thanks for the Christian faith in which all our work is rooted.

26 December - Policy and Advocacy

Please pray for our advocacy work with governments and powerful institutions.

27 December - Epidemic Preparedness

The pandemic hit poor countries the hardest. Pray that we will be prepared for future epidemics.

28 December - Faith Will

Please pray that more people will understand the power of their will to bring real change.

29 December - Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Please pray for our work in these two nations that share the same island and many problems.

30 December - Act on Poverty

Please pray for many churches to join us and our partners in acting against local and global poverty.

31 December - Christian Aid's work in 2024

Give thanks for Christian Aid's impact over the last year and pray for our work in 2024.