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In times of extreme challenge, community is born when we stand together. Join us in prayer and worship on Sunday 9 May at 6.30pm.

Christian Aid began in response to the refugee crisis following WW2. In a time of weakness and crisis, the churches in the UK did not retreat into themselves and their own recovery but saw a wider need and responded.

For 75 years, we have lived out the challenge to stand together with sisters and brothers across the world – one global family. As we look ahead to the next chapters and challenges, join us in celebration, reflection and recommitment to the cause.

Coronavirus has brought our inter-relatedness into stark relief. The myth of ‘them and us’ truly shattered. These are lessons learned that we must take into our current and future work.

With the backdrop of COVID and the climate crisis, the time for recommitment is now.  

Embrace the moment and build the movement!