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Just Scripture

Connect with groups around the world in our lively and inspiring scripture discussions, and feel equipped to take action on injustice.

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About Just Scripture, and its purpose

Just Scripture connects communities, in real time across the world, to dialogue about a passage of Scripture and how it can equip or inspire them to take action on injustice.

The methodology

The methodology is derived from Contextual Bible Study, inspired by communities in South Africa, and Intercultural Biblical Dialogue developed in Bolivia. It has truly been forged in global partnership.

What's the purpose of Just Scripture?

Just Scripture seeks to:

  • strengthen solidarity rooted in faith, between communities across the world
  • galvanise and grow the movement of people that challenge – and change – the systems and structures that perpetuate poverty and inequality across the world
  • to amplify their prophetic voice

What a typical session looks like

  • The online connection is made
  • Everyone in the two groups introduce themselves
  • An opening act of gathering worship or prayer
  • A chosen passage is read aloud in each language represented
  • Insights are shared together from discussion, using four questions
  • A commitment to action is made
  • A closing blessing is given from each group for the other
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Stories of connection

Lent Just Scripture session 2019

As part of the 2019 Lent and Easter Appeal, a group of supporters in Manchester connected with our partner ICODE in the Philippines. They discussed Romans 8: 18-25 in the context of climate change. Here's what they thought:

What a vicarious moment of sharing experiences. We are one in our advocacy for a just world. So grateful for this privilege moment. Never have we done Bible Sharing across the seas before. One global village through e-platform. So wonderful.

- Boyet, Executive Director, ICODE Philippines.

There is a feeling amongst us all that we have been truly blessed through those two hours this morning.

- Richard, Poynton Methodist Church, Manchester.

Haiti – Crewe Connection January 2018

Manochia, a youth member at local, faith-based partner MISSEH, took part in a virtual biblical exchange with Christian Aid volunteers in preparation for Christian Aid Week.

The youth in Haiti and Christian Aid volunteers in Crewe, England, chose a passage on displacement - John 17:6-19 – as the subject of their discussions. Both groups discussed their thoughts on the passage, including its invitation to see displacement as finite. A reminder that, although we are in this world, our home is secure in one another and in Christ. The youth in Haiti described the exchange as useful, interesting and fun.

We are one and so our home is with each other

- Manochia Descolines.

Malawi - Tetbury Connection Harvest 2017

The session began with a prayer and introductions. There were 12 men and women in the Malawi group, from all denominations, including 2 pastors and 1 bishop. Songs were sung and exchanged, from one group to the other. The bishop then read the Bible passage.

A member of their group and ours summarised the discussion and posted it on Skype as we went along, meaning we could respond to each other’s thoughts. At the end, we said the Lord’s Prayer together. It worked well and was quite moving. Our group were very positive about the experience and keen to try it again

- Noel Sharp, regional coordinator.

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