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Time to Pray

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A Time to Pray

This Is The Time To Pray, a new single by singer and hymn writer, Andrew D. Brewis, is available to purchase as a digital download at 50% of proceeds will go towards Christian Aid’s Coronavirus Emergency Appeal.

The new song, based on a poem by the late William Aubert Luce, has been written, recorded and published in just six weeks, and was released on Saturday, 23 May on

'If ever there was a time that the world needed prayer and healing, now is that time,' says Andrew, who composed and performs the song. 

'William’s poem is beautiful, simple, urgent, and inclusive. And even though it was written years ago, it’s both completely timeless and really timely. It urges us to take a good look at ourselves, and to look to God for direction.'

'When I read the poem, I knew it was a healing and unifying thought that deserved to be shared as widely as possible. And I thought it could do some added good if it raised money for a worthy cause.'

'As hard-pressed as we are here, there are many other parts of the world where this disease could be completely devastating,' says Andrew. 

'As Christian Aid is fond of saying, ‘Love unites us all’ and I think that’s a message that’s shared by the song. I’d love it to be shared widely: I think the message can bring us all together, and the funds raised will help those most in need.'

Published on 03 August 2020

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