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Children praying, India

Prayer diary

Pray for Christian Aid’s work and partners around the world.

Daily pointers based on the international days and the work of our partners to help guide your prayers for justice - new points added every month.


Let us pray together for each of these countries and topics during the month of May.

1 May - Pray for Colleagues in Ukraine

Pray that communities have their needs heard in Ukraine

2 May - United by Hope

Pray for the United by Hope campaign to inspire and connect with many

3 May - World Press Freedom Day

Pray for the work of Christian Aid’s media centre to cut through and be heard on this World Press Freedom Day

4 May - Afghanistan

Pray for justice and peace in Afghanistan

5 May - Climate justice stories

Pray for this brilliant new resource from the Collective to have a big impact

6 May - Prophetic voice

Pray for the prophetic voice of young people to be listened to

7 May - Just Scripture

Give thanks for the impact Just Scripture is making in lives across the world

8 May - Salt network

Pray for the Salt network to make a difference in the world

9 May - Colombia

Pray for peace with justice in Colombia

10 May - Ambassadors and Supporters

Give thanks for our celebrity Ambassadors and Supporters

11 May - Zambia's debt

Pray for the dropping of Zambia’s debt

12 May - Research

Give thanks for the excellent work of Christian Aid’s Research evidence and learning team

13 May - Ethiopia

Give thanks for solar shop success in Ethiopia

14 May - Letters for Creation

Pray that the Letters for creation project will engage hearts and minds

15 May - Christian Aid Week

Pray for all who are preaching for Christian Aid Week today

16 May - envelopes

Pray for God’s blessing on all Christian Aid Week envelopes – that they may be filled!

17 May - 300k steps challenge

Pray for all who will walk to raise funds for Christian Aid Week

18 May - devotional

Pray that the Christian Aid Week devotional will encourage many

19 May - Christian Aid Week events

Pray for success and fun at all Christian Aid Week events

20 May - Christian Aid Week story

Pray that the Christian Aid Week story will inspire many to give

21 May - Christian Aid Week help centre

Pray for wisdom and clarity for all who will work in the Christian Aid Week help centre

22 May - Zimbabwe

Pray for Zimbabwe – the focus country for Christian Aid

23 May - Loss and Damage

Pray for the loss and damage petition to get many signatures

24 May - Vigil

Pray for peace in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory

25 May - Non-self governing territories

Pray in solidarity with all those who live in non-self governing territories

26 May - Honduras

Pray for our partners working with communities in Honduras

27 May - Vaccine equity

Pray for Vaccine equity across the world

28 May - Walking Humbly

Pray for all those walking humbly towards a better possible world

29 May - Justice

Give thanks for theological discussions on issues of justice

30 April - Poverty report

Pray that the Christian Aid Poverty report will help us reimagine paths to human flourishing

31 May - Jobs

Pray for all those who are beginning, leaving and those who remain at Christian Aid

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