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climate change rally glasgow

Climate justice and the Bible

What does the Bible have to say about climate justice? Prompt your young people to ask questions, think big and turn faith into action.

Made in the image of God: caring for creation

This Bible study will enable you to explore climate justice within a faith context. You could follow up these conversation starters with other Christian Aid resources which support children and young people to speak out about climate change.

Be a changemaker: Bible study 5-8-year-olds

Be a changemaker: Bible study for 8-11-year-olds

Be a changemaker: Bible study for 11-14 year olds

Be a changemaker: Bible study for 14+

Soppexcca technician Lillian and Ariana in vegetable garden, Nicaragua

Soppexcca technician Lilliam Perez with 5-year-old Ariana Blandon in a vegetable garden, Santa Ro...Christian Aid photographer