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Daily reading: 14 February

God’s tears for the world.

Something to read

‘Give glory to the Lord your God     before he brings darkness, and before your feet stumble     on the mountains at twilight; while you look for light,     he turns it into gloom     and makes it deep darkness.  But if you will not listen,     my soul will weep in secret for your pride; my eyes will weep bitterly and run down with tears…’

- Jeremiah 13:16-17, from full reading Jeremiah 13:12-19.

Something to think about

Jeremiah’s warning to the people of Israel is that God will destroy them for their wickedness and disregard of His authority – but in the midst of the rebuke there is this lovely image of the prophet shedding tears for the people.

Jeremiah sees the darkness which is enfolding the people and his response is to weep bitterly. His love for the people, despite their apathy and lack of response, runs deeply. His tears are God’s tears, his love is an expression of God’s love.

Christian Aid partners are working in situations of extreme poverty and darkness throughout the world. People are suffering deep injustice. God calls us to be prophets, to speak out against injustice and inequality, to shed tears for all those who suffer as a result of world systems which are rigged in favour of the rich.

For many years, Valentine’s Day has been the day to ‘show our love’ to God’s Earth and people. What will you do today to express your care for the world? Will you shed tears for a situation in the world where people are living in fear and darkness?

Something to do

Buy a Fairtrade chocolate bar to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Remember to read the wrapper to find out who grew the cocoa and sugar! Pray for them and give thanks.

Something to pray

God of power and love, move us to compassion as we pray for your children around the world. Help us to share their tears, to feel their despair, and to tune in to their prayers and longing for love and security. Forgive us when we fail to be moved by the suffering around us.

Today’s contributor is Anna Jane Evans, the former North Wales Regional Co-ordinator for Christian Aid. She is also a voluntary minister with the Presbyterian Church of Wales with pastoral care for a church in Penmaenmawr.

Published on 14 February 2021

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Jeremiah 13:12-19