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Daily reading: 6 August

His steadfast love endures forever.

Something to read

O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever.

- Psalm 107:1.

Something to think about

Many of us find it all too easy to grumble and complain about all sorts of things, often about things which are of little consequence and often about things which affect us personally. 

It's easy to become negative and inward looking – and, frankly, ungrateful! 

The writer of the psalm encourages and instructs the people to give thanks, not necessarily because they feel like doing that, but because it's a helpful thing for them to do. 

As we begin to think of thanking God, we begin to appreciate his goodness, the ways in which we experience his love in action, and to recognise that no matter how difficult or challenging the situations in which we find ourselves, he is with us, he cares for us, he loves us and that nothing can change that. 

Something to do

Take a few minutes to reflect on what you can thank God for today, and on ways in which you are experiencing his goodness and his love.

Something to pray

Gracious Father,
how good it is to stop and reflect on all your goodness to us. 
Even in the last few days we have seen your goodness in  
how we praise you, that you are a great and faithful God.

Today’s contributor is Rev John Fulton, General Secretary of the United Free Church of Scotland at the time of writing.

Published on 06 August 2022