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Daily reading: 5 August

The holistic approach is best.

Something to read

Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.’

- John 6:35 .

Something to think about

What does this mean for those who are hungry and thirsty? 

In John’s gospel it comes shortly after Jesus has fed the five thousand people, and has made abundantly clear his deep concern for those who are physically hungry, and his passionate desire to help them. 

Yet, the people come after him because they're looking for more bread rather than being willing to make an effort to provide it for themselves.

He provided bread when they needed it, but now they can do so for themselves; he also wants to feed them in a deeper sense, because he cares for the whole person with their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

Christian Aid aims to give people survival essentials when they are without shelter or refuge, and help them find the strength and resources they need to flourish and protect themselves from shocks and disasters.  

As Jesus demonstrates, the holistic approach is best.

Something to do

Take time to reflect on our needs as human beings, and how those needs are met – by ourselves, by others and by God. 

How holistic is our care for others?

Something to pray

Lord we marvel that you care for our every need, no situation is too great for you to deal with and no matter is too trivial for you to be interested. 

How we praise you that you are caring and passionate God.

Today’s contributor is Rev John Fulton, General Secretary of the United Free Church of Scotland at the time of writing.

Published on 05 August 2022